Quality and environment

Sustainable development is central to who we are and our mission. It is embedded in our DNA. As a technology company, we create innovative products and systems that help protect the environment, reduce CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to a growing in a sustainable way that is beneficial for our employees, the environment and society as a whole.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in our eco-responsible innovation for new products, environmentally-efficient industrial processes, and our work with suppliers towards sustainability goals. In addition, our priorities include ensuring the health and safety of our employees, creating a culturally diverse workforce, and promoting social dialog and open discussions with institutions.

Environmental responsibility

Spheros is committed to limiting the environmental impact of our activities.To ensure a high level of environmental safety and prevent pollution, our operational directives are based on the most stringent global standards, focusing on production processes that have less impact on the environment, biodiversity, waste treatment and distribution processes.